With the help of Indian stock market updates, one comes to know the fact that the stock prices of various companies have got down. According to the recent updates, the software companies which had shown great promises of growth are now not doing well. The prices of these software companies have reduced, but people need not worry about this, because the IT specialists say that the situation will improve very soon.

According to the Indian stock market updates, the real estate sector is also suffering a lot. It is not attracting the buyers and the prices of real estate companies have got down. Those who are into real estate business believe that the condition has started improving and in times to come, this sector can register a huge growth. Till then, people need to keep patience. Apart from this, the situation of export is not good these days. Earlier, the export sector was generating lots of foreign money and thereby contributing to the growth of Indian economy. Market researchers believe that export will pick up very soon and once again add to the growth of the country.

The NSE & BSE sensex news further shocks people by giving updates regarding the stock prices of companies working in the financial and insurance sector. These companies are quite down. The obvious reason behind this is that the financial products like mutual funds, equity shares, insurance policies are not attracting the buyers these days. This is why, the market share of these companies has come down. According to the opinions of the financial analysts, the financial sector has still a huge potential and it will stabilise in the near future and the share market of India will boom. So, the investors need not to worry about their money, it will multiply very soon.

Quit shockingly, the prices of certain commodities have reduced. Those who read NSE & BSE sensex news must be knowing the downfall in the prices of gold and silver. Those who have invested in these commodities should have a sigh of relief because the prices of gold and silver are picking up these days. All these improvements in the commodity market will enable the investors to mint huge money.

On January 21, 2008, the BSE sensex saw the highest downfall that caused the loss of 1408 point. After that, it recovered and closed at 17,605.40, but it again tumbled to 16,963.96. So, it can be said that in 2008, the sensex has faced lots of jolts. The simple reason of it was the non-performance of various sectors. According to the Times of India, the highest sensex gain in the history Indian stock was on March 24, 1992, during the hey days of Harshad Mehta.

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