The Author: Joel Teo

Since the advent of the internet commodity trading has grown by leaps and bounds and just about anybody with a computer and a few spare dollars can get into the market. Here’s how to make money with commodity trading.

1. Buy low-sell high. Sounds really simple but the number of investors that manage to do exactly the opposite is high. The success or failure of your investment will depend on this concept and that;s how to make money with commodity trading.

2. The only real thing on the stock market is the price of the stock and if you are planning to make money then you have to invest by mirroring the stock market itself. The market corrections are always right so follow the lead. That’s how to make money with commodity trading.

3. What goes up must come down and stocks are exactly the same. The trend will change the rule and the more it moves up or down the more extreme the move will be and that is how to make money with commodity trading

4. You can spend your days trying to figure out what the cause of the large directional moves are but you’ll be wasting your time and seldom will you find the answer. It’s all about market perception if you want to know how to make money with commodity trading if you follow this path.

5. One of the biggest mistakes the majority of investors make is thinking that stock markets are rational. If you want to make money all you need to know is whether the market is moving up or down and how long it’s been doing it for.

6. Usually some type of news or world event affects the movement of a stock or stock. The news can be months in advance and not totally clear but you should not wait to invest or it will be too late and the how to make money with commodity trading skills you have will go down the drain.

7. The trends are like lovers you need to keep them close and understand their move. It’s where all the profit or loss stems from. You will need long term trends if you want to make bigger profits and learn how to make money with commodity trading.

8. Discipline is key and without it you will not be able to make money over the long term. Sometimes you do have to cut your losses and get out. Know when to stay and know when to run.

Now that you know how to make money with commodity trading your ready to get started. One last thought. Much of your success depends on your individuality.


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