If you're looking for the best stock market secrets, believe it or not the answers are very simple. I recently spoke with an expert who gave me three simple, yet effective, secrets of the stock market.

1 ) Do your homework. This sounds like a no brainer but it's not as simple as you think. This doesn't mean to watch the financial network or read other amateurs opinions on message boards. So many people get swept up in the day to day trading that they forget the big picture. Research the companies you're considering buying. Know what their outlook is not just now but 5 years from now.

2 ) Don't get greedy. If you're making wise decisions, don't muddle it up by letting greed cloud your eyes. Before you buy stock you should know what your high and low points are. That is, at what points, going up and down, do you drop or cash in the stock. If you've decided that making 25% is enough and you get there - take it! Stick to your plan.

3 ) Learn from the pros. There are tons of books out there by proven stock market gurus who have worked the market for decades with great success. Reading their memoirs can be a great way to learn from both their successes and failures. Don't pay too much attention to specific stocks they might mention, as you'll do that research independently. You simply want to get a feel for the strategy they used and how it worked for them.

These 3 simple stock market secrets are a great way to get a solid background in trading.

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