There are tons of stock market strategies out there that claim to give you secrets and tips that no one else knows. The reality is that no one is magic - no one can predict the stock market. However, if you take the following 5 things into consideration when choosing a company to buy stock in, you'll be making a knowledgeable decision.

1 ) Prior year cash flow - How much did the company make the prior year?
2 ) Projected growth rate - How much is the company expected to grow within 5 years?
3 ) Current cash value - How much would each shareholder get if the company were liquidated today?
4 ) Current rate of growth - How much is the company growing right now? What factors are expected to affect this in the next five years?
5 ) Debt - How much debt is the company in? To whom do they owe those debts? When will they become due?

You will need to do your research and find the answers to these questions. Once you have an idea of how the company is currently performing and how it's expected to perform in the future, you'll be in a much better position to make a smart decision about the future of the company. Of course, you might find the answers to these questions and discover that the health of the company is not as great as you'd like it to be. However, the stock in question can still be a good buy if it's exceptionally cheap. Sometimes, taking a big risk with a little bit of money can lead to huge returns. The key to stock market strategies is to take the information you gather into consideration and make the best choice available to you.

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