What do you look for in you investment portfolio? Can you find all you need in one fund family. We take a look at Fidelity, and see if they can fulfill your needs.

First, most investors will need a variety of stock investment funds to choose from. Fidelity has over 100 stock funds in their portfolio. This includes the Fidelity Select family, which has over 40 Select funds. These are for the most part domestic sector funds, which invest in the stocks of companies that are in specific industries or sectors. Note that these are actively managed funds, and don't simply track a sector index by buying and holding stocks in one of the indices, which is the approach taken by many exchange traded funds. This gives the opportunity for above average returns. Sector funds are a favorite of many momentum investors, as they will usually be able to find some area of strength in the market in spite of an over market down trend. For example, in the middle of the last bear market for the year 2002, even though all the major market indices were down double digit percentages, Fidelity had a handful of funds that were still up for the year.

If sector funds don't give enough diversification for your portfolio, there are also a wide range of international funds. There are several regional funds like Latin America and the Pacific Basin, along with several single country funds like Japan, Germany, and China.

There are also a host of fixed income funds, ranging from money market funds to municipal bond funds, government bond fund, and long term corporate bond funds. Something for almost every twist of fixed income investing.

For those investors looking for a simpler approach, they offer their Freedom Funds and Fidelity Asset Manager funds. Both these are designed to do the job of asset allocation for you, so it's more a one stop solution for your investing needs.

Finally, if none of the Fidelity funds are exactly what you are looking for, you can also buy one of several thousand mutual funds that are offered through Fidelity in their no transaction fee program. As long as you meet the minimum holding period many of these funds can be traded without any fees.

Throw in a whole host of other products and services like retirement accounts, annuities, college savings plans, and insurance, and it's likely that you won't need to look elsewhere for your investment needs.


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